Sex Doll Manufacturers

The global realistic sex doll market is thriving, with new manufacturers and new products being developed. Sex doll lovers are demanding higher-quality companion dolls made from medical grade materials. Here is a brief introduction to the world’s sex doll suppliers.

Sex Doll Manufacturers in China

As a matter of fact, 85% of the sex dolls in the world are produced in China. Being the country where most of the world’s manufactured goods come from, it is no surprise that most of the love dolls sold online are from China.

Back in mid- 2014, some of sex toy factories in China began their research into realistic love dolls and now China is reputed to produce 6,000 dolls each month. Employing more than 10,000 people. In addition to exporting large quantities overseas, it also satisfies the loneliness of China’s large population of unmarried singles.

In recent years, some Chinese factories can already compete with Japanese sex doll manufacturers and other manufacturers of Western countries, in the field of high-tech sex dolls. Such as the sex robots (AI SEXDOLL) with artificial intelligence, they can produce complex reactive facial expression and high-ranking voice-recognition systems.

Sex Doll Manufacturer in Japan

Japan is one of the first countries to produce realistic sex dolls in the world. There is even the most famous Saitama Sex Doll Museum in Japan. When the Dutch merchant fleet docked in Japan to trade in the Age of Exploration, they brought the primitive sex dolls to Japan. The term “Dutch Wife” is used in Japan to this today as a correspondence for a sex doll.

There are plenty of men in Japan who live involuntary single lives because they just can’t meet women. Sex dolls have been the object of affection for some people in Japan in the recent years. The anonymity of buying a sex doll helped boost the online businesses.

Orient Industry Company is known to be one of the oldest manufacturers of realistic adult dolls in Japan. They have over 40 years history as of 2020, and they have managed to produce more than 600 dolls a year. To ensure quality and accuracy, the dolls are created by utilizing state-of-the-art 3D technology and are cast using high-quality silicone and TPE material. Their companion dolls are top level in the world, and each doll takes nearly a month to complete, and of course, are the most expensive in the market.

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