Sex Doll Care

How do you take care of your sex doll? How do you clean and maintain a Love Doll? Your dolls quality will degrade overtime if it is not well maintained. Each owner would want your sex doll to always remain beautiful and clean. Here are few helpful tips you need to know about sex doll care, and it will help you use your sex doll the right way.

Cleaning your sex doll before and after sex

Cleaning your sex doll properly is just as important as cleaning yourself regularly. First things first, try to clean your love doll every month with light shampoo, antibacterial soap, and warm water, especially after use. It is best to keep your sex doll’s head away from the shower and clean it separately with a damp washcloth. You may place your tiny sex doll in a bathtub, but do not submerge her head and wig under the water.

Please note: a proper cleaning and especially the holes, butt, mouth is necessary. After washing, dry your sex doll thoroughly with a proper towel, then, you can use baby powder to keep the doll’s skin soft and clean. Do not use a blow dryer or other heating devices as heat may hurt the surface of the skin and wig. You can also use creams for maintaining the skin of your doll.

Proper storage of the doll

It is very important that you have storage space before you buy a doll. No matter how you wash your sex doll, double-check that she is dry before storing. Nobody wants to have your lover smell weird. The storage space should always be cool and dry. It is recommended to keep arms and legs of the sex doll straight to avoid hurting the skin and use some type of cloth to place over the doll. We recommend not bending your sex doll’s legs beyond their limitations as this may cause fractures.

Maintenance & Make-up

Your doll quality will degrade overtime if it is not well maintained. Silicone will produce oils, but there is no worry as all you need to do is gently wipe it off with a soft, dry towel. If your doll’s skin becomes stained, you can gently clean the affected area with soapy water or buy stain removers from your supplier to remove stains from the doll.

Your doll is your beloved partner, so please do not share her with your friends to avoid spreading of disease. The silicone sex doll uses silicone paint for your doll’s makeup, please do not wipe it aggressively. You need to be very careful when you clean her face, especially eyelashes and eyebrows as it is difficult to repair when damaged. Please note stains from fabric can be difficult to remove. Please choose color-transfer resistant clothing for your doll, as not only silicone but TPE sex dolls are prone to absorbing dyes found in fabric.