Sex Doll Accessories

Taking care and customizing your sex doll is an interesting doll experience. You’ll never be bored with creating your love doll decently and uniquely. By getting extra sex doll heads, pubic hair, sexy lingerie, wigs, vagina inserts or cosplay outfits you can make your doll more elegant and passionate. In addition, it is also important to clean your doll properly after each usage; you can also find the right cleaning tools, such as the sex doll washer and professional cleaning fluid among this collection.

For small repairs, professional glue is necessary. Apply the glue in tiny amounts on the broken area and push together for few minutes until the glue sticks with the material of your love doll. There are plenty of accessories to go with your sex doll and can be found on our adult doll accessory online shop. You will find stain remover to nail glue, to extra face and hanging bracket. If you need some spare head adaptors or an extra storage case, you can find them here as well.

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