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Full Size Sex Dolls

Welcome to the full-size sex doll collection, also called life size love doll and tall adult doll.
The height range of full-size sex dolls is from 150cm to 180cm, and the best-selling heights are 155cm, 158cm, 160cm, 168cm and 176cm. When selecting a sex doll, one of the things you must take in consideration is the height and weight. Usually, the taller your doll is, the heavier she will be. Life size sex dolls are heavier than mini sex dolls and mid-size love dolls, but can wear regular women’s clothes, and have all parts of a real human, looking more like real women.

A high-quality full size sex doll will weigh 35kg and above and is quite difficult to lift and move since they are the same size as a real woman. Although big sex dolls are somewhat more difficult to care for, most love doll lovers go for these ones as they provide most realistic feeling. We stock a wide range of tall full body realistic sex dolls here at Love Doll Paradise, and they come in a large variety of shapes, and can be a black sex doll, blond love doll or Japanese sex doll. All our tall sex dolls are made from the medical grade TPE or silicone. They are designed to feel like a real woman and will give you the most realistic sexual experience you’ve ever experienced with a full-size sex doll.

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